To grow with the market and even a little bit faster. Creating demand is costly, but we are preparing for market growth. Alongside strengthening our brokerage service we intend to focus on developing and enhancing advisory service as well.

We are continually supplementing our team with new people. Applying for a job does not necessary require a profound knowledge about the real estate market, we provide equal chances for any ambitious newcomer who is ready to learn along our experienced consultants.

The leaders of Seven devote a significant amount of time on staff development. We have even indirectly helped to grow real estate market over 2 decades as some of our former employees have risen to leading positions in other commercial real estate companies.

We cooperate with other leading commercial consultants in all neighboring countries. There is much to learn from international experts who have many decades worth of experience, but the results are still achieved on Estonian ground. Real estate market is and always will be a local business.

Author: Olev Mait Makk